Saturday, March 5, 2011

eu de toilette vs eu de parfum

which one better??must b eu de parfum rite!!recently all this perfume thinggy had caught my attention.Browsing the perfumes on the Internet really tempting me.arghh if i juz have fairy godmother to bring me the vera wang princess perfume.if only if.for me the design of the bottle itself really can make sumone misjudge the actual  scent.some perfume come out in very luxurious design but yet not the same with the scent.n lastly some trivia to share
1.Eau de parfum and eau de toilette are both types of perfume.
2.Eau de parfum has a greater concentration of scent than eau de toilette.
3.Eau de parfum lasts longer than eau de toilette.
4.Eau de parfum is more expensive than eau de toilette, though, since you have to apply eau de toilette more often, the costs may turn out to be equal.

 n some perfumes that i prefer

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