Monday, March 3, 2014

The tales of autopsy

This will be the third times im observing surrounded by fear for the first time just like the time when i first observing labour in year 3.The atmosphere was really different from any OT that i'd observed.autopsy is like same version of any surgery but the method use is like a butcher and the patient was dead.some of us is not keen to let their relatives undergone autopsy as they think it might torture the deceased BUT there were lot secrets hidden inside them.medical field is really wide,its everything under the sun,quoted by my dean.As a forensic doctor,rather than assisting the police to solves cases like homicide its been our job to help people.a forensic dr have the ability to interpret the pathology as they might be correlates or against their causes of death.suppose his uncle reported that he committed suicide,but the truth was he was killed by his uncle due to some money the dead will always be dead they will not come out from the grave and give explanation at the court,so here come the forensic dr to replace the deceased and gains their justice.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Start of something new

Assalamulaikum nadia,im writing this to you as a reminder the purpose you are here in this world,i know that this will be forever in your keep and will be your treasure in the future.May all that you wrote will benefits you in years time.insyaAllah~