Monday, February 7, 2011


since u r in the med school we called all ubat are drugs..pretty weird though as for lay men they would think drugs is like ecstasy or whatsoever.the point is no matter which drugs u take its does bring good n as well as bad(adverse effect).DOCTORS must be xtra careful  in  administering the medication.Any single mistake could lead to DEATH!!i.e (fast iv of thiophyline instead of slow iv can lead to increase in therapeutic effect thus exceeding the narrow therapeutic index n may cause death!!)so beware doctors-wannabes(like me) out there!!learn the contraindications now!!!!it may save life of ur love one~

Saturday, February 5, 2011

skirts obsession!!

sweet x??

recently while surfing the intrnet skirts fashion juz caught my attention!!long drape flow skirts really convenient for day wear like going shopping!!haha.bringing the princess feels into your pace

simbiosis kasih 2011

obviously about steps in marriage in Islamic way..really interesting bcoz its providing basic knowledge in planning ur marriage..quote from ustz ashraf:starts ur marriage life with barakoh from ALLAH,happiness will accompany u ever after..n he suggested that we find our mr/mrs Right ourselves rather than leaving the decision in our parents hands.yeah i kinda think bout that myb some of the parents only knows the groom's parents without getting to know the groom himself,now that is totally wrong!! watch out ladies out there don't let ur soul n body traded in that kind of marriage.

baby steps

yes,the birth of my own blog,,tired from viewing others blog.hehe..this is suppose to be my column in expressing my thought and life..obsessed with shopping!!!cant help it so myb almost all the thingy i put here will be the pictures taken while im gone to shop..and mayb some fashion that inspired me.hehe