Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My birthday eve

People would celebrating christmas rite now but i'am eagerly waiting for my birthday 2morow,yeay im so exciteddddddd..im gonna be 21 dis year,Forever 21.hehe..no sweet2 anymore....may i carry on the spirit of 21 for the the rest of my life...  Xoxo

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Girls talk-a-lot

   I would say MDS would be boring if ana is not around.Every times we met there will a tonne of stories like we are coming from different parts of the world.My only besties here where i will share everything and i dont have to hide my innerself.
   The first stories is about her newly bought collagen product from the online shopping.i would say it is tough to convince her in any online buying things but this one had kept her tachycardic.She willing to spend the last pieces from her J(secretcodes) on this product.But thanks god the result is convincing and even got me trapped.I would considered that since my newly bought etude had not reach the mid bottle yet and i was thingking to buy the other product.How mean am i??
   The second is about the vacations that we went though im not physically went together due to many reasons.hehe but all the pictures captured had bring envy in me.It always be me the one  who being left behind.The chilling waterfalls and broga hill,i will step my feet there someday.
   The last will be our vacation plan!!!!we're planning to go to 2 places pulau perhentian and singapore!!!the singapore trip   supposed to be after we're finished our pro in may but because of elective hecticness  and financial crisis we passed the plan.I've always want to stroll along the beach but not like teluk batik and pangkor which i would say DIRTY,so we made our plan to pulau perhentian in terengganu.I want to swimming,snorkelling,eating fresh seafood as this pulau seems more private and beautiful(ofcourse).So no more last minute back out this time,must start planning early.yeahh!!!

See the thing is all our dreams stated above will not be fulfilled if  we dont have the J.So did you hear our praying,J pleaseee???

New chapter

Hellooooo sunshinee!!!!!

Waaa there's been a long time since i wrote in this blog..so many things had passed through  since july which marked the beginning of my clinical years..hospital,bedsite,clerking,patient,doctors,nurses,ot,case presentation,long cases,all had become very real to meAdaptation become the biggest word in order to strive in this kind of land.NO more turning back just set ur feet n keep runnin.......till the end.